JUICE® has been developing batteries and chargers since 2005 with a focus on innovations to improve performance and reduce unnecessary environmental waste.  While less known to the general Public, JUICE® gained notoriety in Pro Motorsports powering the Headsets, Scanners and other Racing Electronics gear for Pro Teams and Racing Fans alike at NASCAR®, INDY® and NHRA tracks across the USA up until 2018.  There are few applications more reliant upon battery performance than Pro Motorsports where the entire Driver-Team Communications rests on batteries during live Sporting Events with everything, including the Driver’s Safety and Race Performance, on the line.


2019 will mark the formal Launch of JUICE® to global consumers.  An entire lineup of consumer batteries will be made available first to consumers on our Amazon Store (under construction) scheduled for March 2019.  JUICE® will be available at thousands of brick and mortar USA Storefronts beginning in May 2019.  Watch for Big JUICY NEWS coming soon and throughout 2019 as JUICE® announces new Pro Motorsports major relationships, and new products unavailable today from competitive USA Brands that promise to revolutionize the Household Battery Market and Pave the way for the entrance of JUICE® into the massive EV Battery Market over the next 24-months.