Our Mission Statement is exactly two words: THINK SMALL!  While our competitors continue to focus on selling more and more of yesterday’s battery technologies to meet their quota's, JUICE® will focus on reducing battery replacement costs and environmental waste through increased battery performance.  Smaller and more powerful non-rechargeable batteries are increasingly replacing traditional alkaline battery technology. Vastly superior rechargeable technology fuels today’s mobile electronics.

Beginning March 2019 JUICE® will launch over 20 new battery SKU’s conceding of the electronics and rechargeable batteries powering 80% of today’s mobile devices.   By improving the performance and reducing the potential cost and environmental waste in today’s “small” mobile devices, JUICE® will pave the way to “Think Big and Global”.   The same technology employed to improve small RC Racers is ideally suited for powering EV’s.


JUICE® will continue to  work with Global Technology Leading Partners to employ it’s “Think Small” mobile electronics technology to enter the massive EV Market by 2021 with a new Battery Technology and Battery Management System promising at minimum the following long-awaited advances:

Higher Energy Density than any current Battery Technology (More Power at Less Weight).   Less Cost.  Safer.  No Requirement for “Rare Earth” Metals. Entirely Recyclable employing among the most common metals on Earth.


Thus by “Thinking Small”, the same technology JUICE® launches in 2019 to allow RC Racers to run 30% faster and Personal Groomers to run at Peak Speed 200% Longer at only 2 cents per alkaline battery life---paves the way for JUICE® to Think Big and step towards making tomorrow’s EV;s offer more at reduced costs and environmental waste.  JUICE® was formed to help make tomorrow’s technology available to our consumers today.